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Λίστα Ψώνιων: Κεφάλαιο V

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Old Vizima

Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.

Unofficial Quests[επεξεργασία | επεξεργασία κώδικα]

The following list is for The Green March. All items below can been exchanged for their corresponding reward as many times as you care to.

White roses White roses White roses for druids. They give Γκέραλτ three (3) White Honey potions. These can be found in the Cemetery, on the thug's corpse (near the crypt), in Chapter II.
Golden kerchief Golden kerchief A golden kerchief for druids. They give Γκέραλτ three (3) Γάτα potions.
Red kerchief Red kerchief A red kerchief for druids. They give Γκέραλτ three (3) thunderbolt potions.
Lady's shawl Lady's shawl A lady's shawl for druids. They give Γκέραλτ three (3) blizzard potions.
Amber Amber An amber stone for druids. They give Γκέραλτ three (3) willow potions.
Diamond Diamond A diamond for druids. They give Γκέραλτ three (3) De Vries' extract potions.
Ruby Ruby A ruby for druids. They give Γκέραλτ three (3) White Raffard's decoctions.
Sapphire Sapphire A sapphire for druids. They give Γκέραλτ three (3) Full Moon potions.
Fool's parsley Fool's parsley A leaf of fool's parsley for druids. They give Γκέραλτ a swallow potion.

The next few items are used after the fighting has subsided in the streets of Old Vizima. (Any one of them gives the same result, so you do not necessarily need one of each.)

Naezan salts Wine stone Naezan salts
or Wine stone
Naezan salts and/or a wine stone for a random nurse in Old Vizima.
Honeysuckle Hop umbels Honeysuckle
or Hop umbels
Honeysuckle or hop umbels (never implemented) for a random paramedic in Old Vizima.
White Raffard's Decoction White Raffard's White Raffard's decoction for a random paramedic in Old Vizima.
Swallow Swallow Swallow potion for a random nurse in Old Vizima.

Official Quests[επεξεργασία | επεξεργασία κώδικα]

Bloedzuiger blood Bloedzuiger blood The Bloedzuiger Contract. Ten (10) vials of Bloedzuiger blood for the Druids in the Druid Cave.
Bruxa blood Bruxa blood The Bruxa Contract. Six (6) vials of Bruxa blood for Jean-Pierre.
Cemetaur jaw Cemetaur jaw The Cemetaur Contract. Five (5) cemetaur jaws for the Desperate Father in the swamp cemetery.
Garkain saliva Garkain saliva The Garkain Contract. Two (2) vials of garkain saliva for Καλκσταιν.
Death dust Death dust The Wraith Contract. Four (4) vials of death dust for Καλκσταιν.
teeth Teeth Won't Hurt a Bit. The dentist needs a barghest skull, a beast fang, a devourer tooth, an alp fang, a fleder fang, a cemetaur jaw, and Zdenek the boxer's tooth. Beginning in Chapter III, Γκέραλτ can bring these items to the dentist, but make sure to keep any of the items not already given to the dentist in your inventory (get them from Νταντέλιον at the Dike), because you will not be able to access your stored items once you enter Old Vizima until the chapter is over.
Significant plot details end here.