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Baltimore's directions

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Baltimore's directions
Tw2 questitem baltimoresdirections.png
Describe(s) how to arrive at the runesmith's hideaway
βιβλίο / Quest item
Found in Baltimore's abandoned workshop

After questioning Thorak about Saskia's chalice, Geralt learns that the previous runesmith, Baltimore, had a workshop nearby. After searching the abandoned workplace, Geralt finds this document along with a key.

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Baltimore's directions
Start looking at the well, where loud echoes dwell
Take ten paces t'wards the river, walk left and do not shiver.
Meager two tens of paces, pass the gate in my good graces.
The one that our safety keeps. Go where the crossroads' patron sleeps.
Every road you need to take, yet the middle one is safe.
Heed and look for Ingrand's signs, and you'll follow my designs.
Should you choose to go right, you'll soon see someone in plight.
At noon this drowned soul, points its shadow at your goal.