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Bane of the Vrans

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Bane of the Vrans
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Book. Details a hypothesis about the extinction of the Vrans
βιβλίο / Quest item
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This is a book written by Aep Dearhenna.

To obtain this you must kill both Cynthia and Adalbert at the end of The Secrets of Loc Muinne.

You must sell this to Bras της Ban Ard to complete A Tome Truly Rare.

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The Bane of the Vrans
Of the existing hypotheses about the downfall of the Vrans, if one discards those that are unserious or unsupported by evidence, one is left with but a few. Among these, that which states the race was brought down by an epidemic seems very likely. It is hardly new, for Dorregaray proposed it in his treatise, yet he failed to investigate the matter thoroughly.
My research, the results of which I present in this text, allowed me to pinpoint an interesting strain of bacteria. They do not cause illness whose symptoms would resemble those of smallpox or the black death. Yet they spread just as quickly and attack the gonads, leading to infertility. It is therefore probable that the Vrans as a race were indirect victims of the disease, while infertility was the direct cause of their extinction.
It is too early to advance any bold theses on the matter, yet I consider it nearly impossible that a bacteria strain would mutate in this way naturally, without anyone's interference.
The remaining text has been encrypted with a spell.

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