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Diagram: Witcher's silver sword

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Diagram: Witcher's silver sword
Tw2 item diagram.png
Crafting diagram and quest item
Diamond dust 1x diamond dust
Timber 1x timber
Iron ore 1x iron ore
Silver ore 2x silver ore
5 oren(s)
Βάρος 0.1

This diagram allows Γκέραλτ to craft the magical item: Witchers' silver sword. A copy of this diagram can be found in a chest right after Roche's ship makes landfall in Flotsam.

As of the latest version of the Enhanced Edition, this diagram counts as a quest item so Γκέραλτ will not be able to sell or store the diagram once the sword has been crafted. Players who have imported a Witcher 1 save game should avoid picking this diagram up since they'll have a better silver sword already.

Associated Quest[επεξεργασία | επεξεργασία κώδικα]