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Invisible Ink

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Invisible Ink
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Invisible Ink
βιβλίο / Quest item
near Scribe in the Temerian Quarter
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This book is found near drunk scribe in the Temerian Quarter, it describes the concept of invisible inks that are used by nobles, merchants, spies, etc. to conceal a content or to prove an authenticity of a letter or scroll. The item appeared in the Enhanced Edition.

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Invisible Ink
Those wishing to conceal the true contents of their missives from third parties often resort to penning their letters with invisible ink. A message set down in this manner becomes visible only when the document is treated with a substance that reveals the writing.
Some use invisible ink as a dye, soaking entire pages in it instead of using it to write. The recipient of a message thus treated can confirm its authenticity by applying a substance that will turn the page a specific color, usually blue.