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In The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings there are a number of items labelled as Junk. Without exception, these items truly are junk and useful only for resale to add to Γκέραλτ's pile of orens. In earlier versions of Witcher 2 a unique quest item called an Iron Frame was marked as junk, but is properly tagged as a quest item in newer versions.

Εικόνα Όνομα Κατηγορία Πωλώ
Apple Apple Junk 2 oren(s) 0.1
Bindings Bindings Junk 2 oren(s) 1
Candlestick Candlestick Bauble 5 oren(s) 0.5
Chains Chains Junk 2 oren(s) 1
Cucumber Cucumber Junk 2 oren(s) 0.1
Encrusted iron ring Encrusted iron ring Trinket 4 oren(s) 0.1
Encrusted scabbard Encrusted scabbard Junk 3 oren(s) 1
Encrusted silver medallion Encrusted silver medallion Trinket 9 oren(s) 0.2
Encrusted silver ring Encrusted silver ring Trinket 6 oren(s) 0.1
Fish Fish Junk 2 oren(s) 0.1
Fisherman's net Fisherman's net Junk 2 oren(s) 0.2
Grappling hook Grappling hook Junk 2 oren(s) 0.2
Hunting horn Hunting horn Junk 4 oren(s) 0.5
Iron band Iron band Junk 2 oren(s) 0.5
Iron ring Iron ring Trinket 3 oren(s) 0.1
Magnifying glass Magnifying glass Trinket 6 oren(s) 0.1
Mug Mug Junk 2 oren(s) 0.1
Old cheese Old cheese Junk 2 oren(s) 0.1
Plum Plum Junk 2 oren(s) 0.1
Potato Potato Junk 2 oren(s) 0.1
Primitive necklace Primitive necklace Trinket 2 oren(s) 0.2
Rags Rags Junk 2 oren(s) 0.2
Silver ring Silver ring Trinket 5 oren(s) 0.1
Silver sword scabbard Silver sword scabbard Junk 5 oren(s) 1
Stone medallion Stone medallion Junk 2 oren(s) 0.2
Tools Tools Junk 3 oren(s) 0.5
Valuable figurine Valuable figurine Trinket 6 oren(s) 0.5
Valuable trinket Valuable trinket Trinket 4 oren(s) 0.5
Wire Wire Junk 2 oren(s) 0.1
Wire rope Wire rope Junk 3 oren(s) 0.2
Wooden rung rope ladder Wooden rung rope ladder Junk 4 oren(s) 0.2