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Legend of the Blasphemer

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Legend of the Blasphemer
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Book. Recounts the tale of the first owner of the Blasphemer's Outfit

Contents[επεξεργασία | επεξεργασία κώδικα]

Legend of the Blasphemer
A long time ago the dragon Ostreverg ravaged and plundered the sacred Temple of Freya on the Skellige Islands. Three brothers, the sons of a jarl, vowed to recover the goddess' relics. The priestesses granted them diagrams of three ancient suits of armor so that they would be able to face the dragon's formidable fangs and devastating breath of fire. The smith Sigurd Ironlord forged the sacred armor for them.
[…] Once the brothers defeated the dragon, they were amazed at the size of its hoard. According to the vow they had made, all of it would belong to the goddess. The youngest brother, however, decided to keep the most valuable relic for himself. He shattered Freya's statue and took the sapphire set in it, called the Eye of the Goddess. They say that he then got drunk and gave it away as payment for love in one of the dens of pleasure in Cintra.
[…] The priestesses cursed the youngest brother, and from then on he would be known only as the Blasphemer. As the curse was worded, he would live as long as he wore his complete outfit. The prophecy was fulfilled when the Blasphemer was crossing the Pontar on horseback, searching for a sorcerer who could lift the curse. They say that he spotted a silver fish beneath the surface. When he reached for it, his gauntlet slid off his hand. The youngest brother never reached the Pontar's other bank, yet his belongings were not lost. Rumor has it that the diagrams of the Blasphemer's Outfit, which remains cursed, can be found in one of the many backwater towns that lie along the Pontar.