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Rites of Midaëte

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Rites of Midaëte
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Book. Contains information about the Summer Shrine, which enhances the Quen Sign.
Found on a corpse near Summer Shrine in Flotsam forests. Can be purchased from Anezka, Einar Gausel, Fioravanti and Vilmos Bartok.
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This book was added as part of the patch 3.3[1]. It can be found in loot near the Summer Shrine and purchased from various merchants.

Journal Entry[επεξεργασία | επεξεργασία κώδικα]

Midaëte, or Midsummer, is the day of the summer solstice and marks the beginning of the first month of summer in the elven solar calendar. Elves believe that all things under the sun occur in cycles. After Midaëte the days grow shorter and the dying commences - to last until the winter solstice. Summer Shrines erected on this day give praise to the sun and life, while acknowledging death's certainty.
Spells that protect living things and draw power from the sun's heat are particularly strong near these shrines. Witches use them to bless crops and summon fire. Even Godless witchers bow before Summer Shrines to augment the intensity of their Signs.

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