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The Visionary's notes III

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The Visionary's notes III
Tw2 questitem margotsnotes.png
My road to the light, the third fragment
βιβλίο / Quest item
Visionary's house
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These notes can be found inside the Visionary's house, on the shelves northeast of his bed.

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My road to the Light, the third fragment
[…] Henselt was furious that I had ruined his spectacle. I was beaten to a pulp. Soon I was stripped of my rank, and those I had thought friends turned from me. I started drinking more than ever and sank into sloth, so I was regularly punished. I spent all my free time in solitude. Until one day, as I sat with a bottle of foul spirits, staring at a sizzling candle-stub, I understood that it had all happened for a reason. I had a calling. The flicker that miss Glevissig had lit within me spread over my heart and it burned with the flame of faith. […]

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