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The Wild Hunt

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The Wild Hunt
Tw2 questitem wildhuntbook.png
Book. Analyzes legends related to the Wild Hunt
βιβλίο / Quest item
Loot / shop in Vergen
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This volume can be found in a chest in the ruined elven baths along with some other loot, or purchased. It provides Geralt with some information about the cavalcade of specters.

Journal entry[επεξεργασία | επεξεργασία κώδικα]

The Wild Hunt
According to the Nordlings, the Wild Hunt is a procession, or rather a cavalcade of skeletal horsemen. They rush across the sky on the bony remains of steeds. Clad in rusty remnants of armor, they wear jagged swords at their waists. Like comets, the Wild Hunt is an omen of war, which has been confirmed beyond all doubt.
The spectral cavalcade ventures out in search of victims every several years, but its harvest was never as rich as just before the last war with Nilfgaard, when over twenty souls went missing in Novigrad alone after the Hunt passed through. Curiously, elven and dwarven legends make not the slightest mention of the Wild Hunt.